Practical info

Below you find all practical information about the Liantis Urban Trail Brussels.

Besides the unique experience of running through the capital of Europe and discovering known and unknown sights, we offer all participants of the Liantis Urban Trail Brussels an expanded starter pack:

Technical running shirt

We will make sure you’ll remember your trek through the capital for a long time. Every participant will receive a unique Liantis Urban Trail Brussels T-shirt, so you can show you were there! At registration, you can indicate your shirt-size. We can however not guarantee that your size will still be available when you collect it. The earlier you come to pick up, the higher the chances you will get the right size.

And also…

  • a Protein cottage cheese
  • free storage for bags
  • 2 supply posts along the trail of the 12 km
  • 1 supply post along the trail of the 6 km
  • Aquarius at the finish
  • Sportinez insurance during the race. Click here for more info.

Under the slogan ‘Unlock the Power of Girls’, Plan International Belgium wants to give girls around the world the keys to learning, leading, making decisions and realizing their potential. Sign up online and pay an extra €5 or €20 (T-shirt & buff incl) to help fund our sports project for girls in Senegal.

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  • 08h00: start collecting race number
  • 09h30-10h50: start in 5 waves
  • 12h00: finish last participants
  • 13h00: End


Tour & Taxis

  • Start and finish
  • Collecting race numbers & T-shirts
  • Changes and helpdesk
  • Storage sport bags

To provide more comfort running through the alleys, on the stairs and through the building during the Liantis Urban Trail Brussels, participants will start in 5 waves with a gap of 20 minutes in between.

  • 9:00: start wave 1
  • 9:20: start wave 2
  • 9:40: start wave 3
  • 10:00: start wave 4
  • 10:20: start wave 5


This starting procedure will, along with the hourglass start, should prevent long queues in the smaller passages, to make sure everyone can fully enjoy the trail. The hourglass start consists of a narrow passage at the start line. This way it takes longer to start the race but allows a smoother run once you on the trail.


You can always start in a later wave than assigned, but never in an earlier wave. If you want to run together, you can start together in the assigned wave which departs the last.


You got race number 307 (wave 1), your running partner race number 1305 (wave 2)

  • You can NOT start together in wave 1
  • You can start TOGETHER in wave 2

The Urban Trail is a unique experience and not a competition. A discovery of the city on running shoes. Out of respect for the residents, we take into account the accessibility of the city centre by public transport. That is why no time recording is provided for the Liantis Urban Trail Brussels.


Participants who are signed up will receive an e-ticket with their wave number. With this e-ticket (on your smart phone) you can collect your race number on Sunday June 23 from 08h30 on the Muntplein. Please check your spam folder.

Group runners cannot collect their race numbers themselves. The numbers have to be collected by the “group leader.” This person is responsible for collecting and distributing the race numbers of the entire group.

Attention: race numbers will not be sent by mail.


You can collect your t-shirt by showing your race number that will be marked after the pick-up of your T-shirt. T-shirts are available for men and women in S, M, L & XL sizes.

Attention: selecting your preferred size during registration is merely indicative. The availability of your size cannot be guaranteed. The earlier you collect a T-shirt, the bigger the chance your preferred size is still available.

We provide 1 supply of water on the 6 km course and 2 supply stations for the long distance. NO disposable cups will be available to participants here. This means that each participant must bring his or her own cup. On the day of the event it is possible to buy a foldable silicone cup for € 3. (+ photo of cup please)

During the event, you can leave your sports bag at the provided storage area. A sticker with a unique number will be attached to your bag and you will receive a sticker with the same number to attach to your ankle or wrist strap or bib number. Your unique number will also be written on your arm or hand. After participating in the event, you can collect your sports bag by showing your sticker and number on your arm or hand. If you lose your sticker, you will only be able to collect your sports bag after showing the number on your arm or hand and providing an accurate description of your bag and its contents to the organisation.

The organisation will take the necessary safety measures to guard the area as well as possible, but use of it is at your own risk. The organisation cannot accept any responsibility for possible damage, loss and/or theft of personal belongings.

Some recommendations:

  • Use a properly lockable sports bag and make sure it is also properly closed so that no items can fall out of your sports bag.
  • Do not leave any valuable items (such as Iphone, sports watch, wallet, etc.) in your sports bag. Rules:

The organisation cannot accept any responsibility for possible damage, loss and/or theft of personal belongings.

Tour & Taxis e Muntplein is easily accessible.

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The organising party advises avoiding intense physical activities without being properly prepared. Ensure that you make wise decisions regarding the distance you wish to cover and/or the tempo you want to maintain. If you want to take part in competitive sport and at a high intensity, it is advised to undergo an annual medical examination.

It is not obliged to present medical certificates. It is up to the sportsman/woman to decide how he/she wants to interpret the information received during a medical examination. Thus, the organising party cannot be held responsible for any matters regarding this.

For more information, click here.

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