Federal Parliament

On Sunday, June 25, run through the Federal Parliament! Specifically, through the Palace of the Nation, which houses the House of Representatives and the Senate, among others. Run through the halls where senators and chamber members debate and vote on the Constitution and other laws.

Hotel de Ville

Do we still need to introduce the Hotel de Ville ? Beautiful building in gothic style located at the most beautiful grand-place of the world.

Feel like a Red Devil at the Balcony 😊

Plein Public

At the foot of Mont des Arts, you will find the majestic Palais de la Dynastie. The imposing building was used as a reception hall for official ceremonies during Expo 58, but then fell into disuse for decades. Until 2019, when Plein Public took up residence there. Today, the stately gates conceal a meeting place for foodies, partygoers and art lovers alike. A hip hotspot with architectural allure that you should not skip when exploring the city!

Comics Art Museum

Comics Art Museum Behind the grand Art Nouveau style facade by Victor Horta, you will find the Comics Art Museum, ‘the place to be’ for all lovers of comics. Go and explore together with Tintin, the Smurfs and others!

Experience Brussels

In the Koningsstraat, we’ll make a quick stop at Visit Brussels, where the Experience Brussels exhibition is taking place. It’s a perfect place to start your (re)discovery of Brussels.

Printing House National Bank

On Berlaimont Avenue, you will find the former printing house of the National Bank. Unfortunately, you won’t find any euro banknotes in this majestic building of 20,000 m² anymore.

Cynthia Bolingo sports hall

On June 25th, we will run through the brand new Cynthia Bolingo sports hall in the Marolles. The 30-year-old Brussels athlete grew up in the neighborhood, and the sports hall was named after her following a vote among local residents. They praise her for her feminism and fight against racism. The immense mural was created by Dema One and Maïcha.

Museum of Illusions

Enter the fascinating world of illusions that will trick your reliance on your senses, but also amaze you at the same time; the world that will confuse you completely, but also educate you…

Hall Saint-Géry

At the Place Saint-Géry, we discover the beautiful Hall Saint-Géry! An architectural masterpiece of public market halls in 19th century Brussels.


Looking for street food from all corners of the world? Then Wolf is the place for you. The old ASLK bank building houses the first Brussels food market. The authentic features of the building have been maintained, which means you can find a different restaurant behind each former bank teller window.

Brussels Beer Project

Welcome to Brussels Beer Project! Brewing is part of our DNA and we like doing it together with brewers from all over the world. And together with you. We are pleased to welcome you in our brasserie on the Dansaert, in the centre of Brussels. We brew more than 40 new beers here every year! And during your time with us a couple of shots might appear on the bar for you. 😉

Leave the abbey, join the playground!


Only open to the general public since December 12, 2022: Brucity. This brand new administrative center of the City of Brussels is located on the site of the former Parking 58.

Grand Hospice

A mix of the “pop-up bar and lanterns” spirit, a trendy bar and an urban oasis, the Grand Hospice is one of those new hybrid places that we really love and that make the city more vibrant.

Chez Ginette

Chez Ginette, located right next to the concert hall La Madeleine, is a trendy nightclub.

Hôtel Continental

Built in an eclectic style in 1874 by architect Eugène Carpentier, the Hôtel Continental was initially a hotel, then a café-restaurant, an exhibition hall, a bowling alley, and even a Renault garage. At this moment, a cultural project is ongoing.

The Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries

The Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries are a set of three glass-covered shopping arcades. They consist of the King’s Gallery, the Queen’s Gallery, and the Princes’ Gallery.